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Voodoo And Black Magic Should Not Be Portrayed As Good.

The daughter and I took my three year old grand baby to see The Princess and The Frog Saturday night and I was very disappointed...Let me say my review of the movie in this post is from my point of view as a Christian....I was not prepared for voodoo,graveyards, demons, evil spirits,spells and the occult.... Now I grew up around and saw first hand the effect/affect of voodoo on a people (at least that's what I believe) I have never heard or seen any good come from the practice of voodoo....And being exposed to voodoo at a young age I have/had developed a deep fear of it...How can you explain “friends on the other side,”to a 3 year old?That's a hard thing to do....I was disappoint that the main focus of the movie was not on the Princess and the Frog’s relationship as the title would lead you to believe... Instead it focused mostly on the Evil Shadow and his voodoo curses....He even referred to them as “his help from the underworld....”Now, I am aware tha…