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Recognizing The Seasons.

Saints of God how do you recognize and understand the season of life you are in? A change of season can come disguised as a job lay-off or the loss of a loved one or a move. It can come as a new relationship or a promotion. It can manifest itself in a sense of restlessness a feeling that you've outgrown something that once excited and challenged you. I believe seasons are opportunities for growth in which they keep us progressing towards the ultimate fulfillment of God's plan for our life.

Sticking with familiar can be fatal. It's dangerous to wait until your circumstances change before making a move that God has already ordained. The best way to avoid that is by (a) staying closely connected to Him; (b) developing your spiritual radar; (c) moving without doubt or hesitation whenever He says it's time. So while you're taking down your decorations and Christmas lights, take down those old attitudes that are hindering you from confidently moving into the nex…