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There's Differences Between God Wrath and God Judgment!

The tsunami and earth quake in Japan have caught the world’s attention....Dead birds, fish and animals  have filled the news lately. These events  have raised questions  in the minds of many Christians—“Is this God’s judgment on man kind?" The answer to that would be NO! But what  I will say is the tsunami and earthquake show us that we're living in the end times, we are weak, vulnerable and  need to turn back to God. These are merely birth pangs that precede the future outpouring of wrath predicted in the Bible. I do not believe natural disasters themselves are God’s direct judgment on cities or nations for particular sins. These things happening in our world today does not fit the example of the judgment in the Bible because the righteous were not spared. I do believe God’s wrath will be poured out as described in the Book of Revelation. NO ONE  will escape other than those whose names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Natural calamities such as mentioned by Jesus war…