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Name It And Claim It.

I think, it's unfortunate that alot of people do not fully understand the true meaning of Christianity. First thing first, religion/Christianity are not the same nor do they mean the same. If you so chose Christianity you have chosen Christ and what comes with that choice and vice-verse. That's one thing about America you are free to believe what ever you want to believe and accept whatever you like.

However, I can see why people would get upset with what they see in the mainstream media about Christianity. When you have prosperity teachers like Creflo Dollar, and Word of Faith teachers like, Frederick K. C. Price telling you that your words can create riches. You will be surprised by the actual words that comes out of some of these preachers/teachers mouths. You can see how they reduce God to a mere companion to be commanded to do their will rather than follow His will ("Thy will be done..."). Some preachers totally misrepresenting Christ and His …