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Question Of The Day: Did Prophet Brain Carn “hit it and quit it” With A Woman Of God?

Dear Lord God have "MERCY" on us (for being so gullible) and Lord Godhave "MERCY"on  Brian Carn (for taking advantage of the gullible). When you live in a society filled with dishonorable males, girls gone wild, angry bitter females and misogynistic men and stuff like this happens with-in the church community, it should not be a surprise at all. What's surprising  for me is the reaction from the church folks'.   On this one particular website for the last couple of days the Prophet Brain Carn have been racked  over the coals with some strong allegations leveled against him, by a young lady and her "Spiritual Mother". To me it looks as if the church folks are talking about two different Prophets.

If you visit the "Prophet" Facebook and Twitter pages he's being called a "Prophet" as he believes himself to be. He's also being  praised and lifted high on those pages as a true man of God as  compared to the comments about …