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Seven Deadly Sins Of Gilligan’s Island Theory.

There’s a website that argues each of the Seven Deadly Sins is represented by a character on Gilligan’s Island—except for Gilligan himself. (Thanks to Carey for this idea.)

Pride- Is the Professor, who can make a radio out of two coconuts and some wire. Envy- Is Mary-Ann!
Lust-Is Ginger the movie star!Greed- Is tycoon Mr Howell, who took a suitcase full of money on a three-hour cruise.Sloth- Is Mrs Howell!
Gluttony and Anger- Is the Skipper who was both because of his hot-tempered. Now the author of the article believe Gilligan could have possible been SATAN, because he mangered to have kept each one bound in their own state of mind for along time. What do you think?