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Why Are FreeMasonry Label As A Cult And Masons As Cultists?

Masons are a secret and fraternal organization which is believed to have evolved from the ancient guilds of the stonemasons... Membership is open to men only, requires no allegiance to a single faith or religion, although belief in a god is considered a necessity...Because of their secret rituals and pop-culture references portraying them as a dark, cryptic society,Masons have always been shrouded in mystery....But this past weekend, I was reading were they invite the public into their world...Now growing up I remember that both my grandparents were part of this secret society...My grandfather was a Prince Hall Mason and my grandmother was a Eastern Star....At My grandmother church on certain Sundays they would have something call turn out Sunday...That's were all the Eastern Star ladies would wear all white and they would have some kinda sash which would be thrown across their shoulder with some kinda of writing on it...At my granny funeral I remember the Eastern Star…