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Question Of The Day:Would You Have An Abortion If The Money Was Right?

The present intense anger that's occurring in our country today over (Free Will ) the abortion issue is getting some what testy. For me, myself and I, I believe abortion is a moral decision and a totally personal decision regardless of any situation that might occur.
I read this  story yesterday about Crystal Kelley, a 29 year old surrogate mother who refused to have a pregnancy terminated despite the parents' wishes. In a signed contract by both parties express that Ms. Kelley shall abort if the fetus has major physical complications/abnormalities.

Instead of honoring the signed contract she signed  Ms. Kelley for whatever reason have chosen life and a new family for the baby.    And for her action she's now facing back lash on-line for her choice, option, and decision. Some are saying if the money was right for Ms. Kelley the final outcome would have been abortion instead of life for the baby.

What’s your take on the situation? What if you were a surrogate mother that fo…