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Street Gangs Can They Be Compared To Fraternities?

I ran across this article gangs and fraternities. From reading this article I can see how a young person who have been in a street gang for a period of time. Then gets out and decide to attend college. If his mind has been shape by the gang, the fraternities life would look appealing to him. Therefore, I can see the attraction but, I would not go as far and say that they are the same. Even if they are coming from the street in to the college life. Across the country, young black men gather wearing matching colors, throwing up signs with their hands, and using unique calls recognizable and exclusive only to their circles.

Most would assume that this group is a gang. However, stepping onto a college campus would confuse anybody trying to identify these groups, because Greek-letter organizations share very similar customs.

The World Book Encyclopedia describes gangs as a group of people who associate with one another for social or criminal reasons.

A member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity I…