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"Forced To Be Fat"

There's this town in Africa that practices force feeding.... According to their custom, the bigger you are, the more beautiful you are considered...Girls are expected to be married between the ages of 12 and 14.... By that time, they need to be fat in order to attract a wealthy husband... Obesity is a sign of a husband's wealth-- he is able to support his wife with lavish foods... Girls as young as 7 are forced to practice this tradition... According to the article, they are forced to eat up to 16,000 calories A DAY... if they are unable to finish, they are beat; if they vomit, they are forced to eat it in addition to the food they had not yet consumed....Some women want freedom from it.
Question: How is this any different than what some people teach their daughters in America about beauty and the size of their bodies? Thin is in! It isn't.... I've seen moms telling their young daughters (some as young as 10) not to eat too much or calling them fat in a round ab…