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Question Of The Day: How Do The Christian Church Attract New Congregants When The Old Strongholds Are Still There?

Change is hard! If you don't believe me just take a good look at what J C Penney's is going through right now....all because they wanted change. The article that I have linked to in the post, is one of those stories that make you shake your head in an awe of disbelief.

  I believe in any old Christian Denominational Church  you're going to find some kind of "Strongholds".  A stronghold is nothing more than a faulty thinking pattern based on lies and deception.  Every student of the Bible knows that deception is the primary weapon of the enemy because it's the building blocks for a stronghold. What strongholds can and will do is cause us to think in ways which can block us from God's best.

 I believe "The First Baptist Church" of the City of Washington, D.C.    got what they ask for in the hiring of Rev. Jeffrey Haggray. They wanted a man to increase their dwindling membership, and  they got just that. The hiring of Rev. Jeffrey Haggray had been…