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America Don't Love Her People.

These are the trailers that our beloved government gave to her citizens after hurricane Katrina. Check this out....formaldehyde.
A leading U.S. trailer manufacturer failed to disclose to Hurricane Katrina evacuees or the government its internal findings that formaldehyde in some units exceeded a federal health standard by as much as 45 times in 2006, its chairman acknowledged to Congress yesterday. Jim Shea, chairman of Gulf Stream Coach, which built 50,000 trailers for the Federal Emergency Management Agency for $520 million, said his company decided that its results were "irrelevant information" because FEMA already knew about high formaldehyde levels. The agency and the company were working together to improve ventilation, he said, and FEMA later turned down company offers to conduct more tests. In hindsight Gulf Stream should have shared information from its sampling, Shea said. "Anything that would have been helpful to public health in any kind of way with this i…