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Father Michael Pfleger Suspended For Insubordination!

It look like Rev. Michael Pfleger, the charismatic clergyman of St. Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago have been suspended by his boss, Cardinal George, for his comments onSmiley and West show three weeks ago.

The tension between the Rev. Michael Pfleger and the Archdiocese of Chicago have come to a bitter end.....Wednesday Cardinal Francis George suspended the outspoken priest from St. Sabina Catholic Church.....Father Pfleger have led  this South Side parish for over 30 years....but selecting someone to take the place of the charismatic father won't be easy.....Father Pfleger stated  he has been banned from speaking at events, and blamed critics on the political right for the calls to remove him:
“There are two main groups that seemingly have put a big push on to get rid of me in the last year, and that is the right-wing conservative Catholics, and that is also the NRA, who said I have been much too vocal about assault weapons; much too vocal about guns being accountab…