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Fantasia Receives Surprise Gospel Tribute At ‘The Side Effects Of You’ Album Release Party!

Last night wasFantasia release party for her new album "The Side Effects Of You" in a New York City nightclub.  And according to the many reports that are out today it was a huge success. There was an incredible amount of support and love in the building for Fantasia and her work.  Some are saying that Fantasia is following in the footsteps of gospel/r&b great Aretha Franklin..... that could be true.   Anyhow, my reason for mentioning the party is to bring attention to the Gospel tribute by "Yummy Bingham" at the 4:00 mark. "Savior Do Not Pass Me By!" This reminds me of a generation who have said and shown on many occasions they are not willing to put Jesus in a box only to be open on Sunday morning. WOW! Great tribute!