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4th Sunday "Random Post." False Teachers Please Sit Down.

Author and false teacher Paula White will appear on Larry King Live from Los Angeles on Monday, November 26th. Paula the false teacher will discuss her new book, You’re All That! She will also talk about the challenges women face in their lives today, and share some of her personal struggles. Will she tell them how she con them out of their moneys. I hope she tell them how to spot a false teacher when they see one. Especially if they cater to a certain group of people [ African America Women ] who will all most follow anything and anybody who say what they want to here.

You’re All That! shows readers how to see themselves through different eyes, don't we supposed to see through the eyes of Christ? I wonder who eyes will they be looking through? The book is a guide for those who wish to move beyond loss, and let go of their fears and past failings. By implementing the wisdom in You’re All That!, White believes it’s possible to take control of your life, and embrace a future …