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Erica Campbell Go Old School "Pentecostal" With A Little More Jesus!

I love the new cover look for Erica Campbell new solo project, but I'm not feeling the first release (A Little More Jesus) from the project. I really was expecting a more fresh contemporary sound from her solo debut.

 After listening to the new single I notice that the new project was trying to take listeners back to an old-school "Pentecostal Church" sound. So, when the music starts you automatically think about Dottie Peoples, Tramaine Hawkins, Beverly Crawford, Shirley Caesar, etc...

  I understand Erica is trying to find her way as a solo artist but the move toward traditional gospel didn't work for her here.  This could be a wonderful praise break or interlude song but not a hit song in my opinion.
According to her Facebook page "A Little More Jesus" will be available on June 25th!