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When Should The Pastor Tell Your Business Before/After Something Happen?

A pastor who says Stacy Peterson confided in him a few weeks before she went missing spilled details of their alleged conversation on national TV a few days ago.

Was that ethical?The president of the seminary that trained him says he can’t imagine “what would prompt that breach of confidentiality.” The confidentiality clause for pastors is real clear keep your mouth shut.

Schori is a former pastor at Westbrook Church in Bolingbrook, occasionally attended by Peterson, 23, and her ex-cop husband, Drew Peterson, 53, a suspect in his wife’s October disappearance. Peterson says his wife had a crush on Schori. Schori said Stacy Peterson called him in August. He agreed to meet her at a coffee shop. That’s inappropriate how you going to meet another man wife in a coffee shop or any place without him and it not look questionable? He takes what should be a professional relationship and set it in a social context that's wrong. What about the privacy! people over hearing what you are talking…