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Dr. Rita Twiggs: Preaching Seminar!

High five to Dr Rita Twiggs for her wonderful ministry training seminars. I  attended one of her seminars many years ago.   Dr. Twiggs  is an anointed vessel of God, a no nonsense kind of woman straight to the point. Her preaching is anointed, motivating and encouraging.

Dr Rita Twiggs is the first woman I ever heard preach on the big stage (conference). I was first introduced to the wonderful teaching/preaching of Dr. Twiggs via a WTOL conference back in the late 80's. Dr .Twiggs has been in ministry for over forty years, serving as an anointed evangelist, Bible teacher, mentor, workshop leader, choral director, singer and author. Dr.Twiggs was  the first female pastor at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas under the leadership of Bishop T. D. Jakes. When it comes to women preaching Dr. Twiggs is one of the best.