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What's Wrong With Dora?

Why do every one have to be skinny? Look at the before and after of this doll. The before is who my grand baby is familiar with. That after is really a different doll all together.
My grand baby love Dora The Explorer . She kicks through the jungle, solves puzzles, outwits trolls, evades bears, captains a pirate ship, creates maps, travels the world, rescues animals, discovers volcanoes, plays soccer, climbs mountains, and crosses crocodile-infested waters.

Best of all, she’s a girl of color doing all these things, in a world packed with buff-white-guy superheroes and glittering submissive fairy princesses. Dora’s is a around the way girl. So, why change her to look like something she is not skinny and white. Next Dora will have blond hair and half naked. My grand baby will not even recognize her.