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“Is There A Heaven For A Thug Or (gangster)?”

I have been reading some posted messages about Dolla the rapper who was gunned down earlier in the week...But what I am finding interesting is there's a popular aspect of Hip Hop, where young people believe fallen “street soldiers”and "thugs" go to heaven..."Please don't get it wrong, I am in no way saying that Dolla didn't go to heaven or he didn't go to hell because I don't no." Now I do believe it was up to him were he's spending his world without end and were time will be no more ... Now, I am using Dolla to make a point ONLY...Now, this question “Is there a Heaven for a G gangster?”Well most young warriors have already answered with this notions , “Only God can judge me” in “Thug’s Paradise”.Well the short answer is No!There is only one heaven and every one in that heaven will be lovers of Christ...Now , I am well aware that some Africans and Native Americans believe EVERYONE goes to Heaven, with the exception of …