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Do What You're Called To Do!

Have you ever been net surfing and click on a random link only to find some amazing things? Well that's what I did today....Now this Super Mario manicure is frightening in a good way...I know some people will call these nails ghetto nails... But to me it shows some one with a wonderful artistry gift and a good eye for detail....Any way Photobucket user nailchick27posted these pics of her hyper detailed false fingernails....She also has some Christmas nails that's pretty awesome.... Now I check out a couple Super Mario nail art tutorials but they don't compare to nailchick227's level of artistry...Question: Would you judge a person base on their nails alone? Would these nails be allowed in your work place? What do you think of her work? Having then gifts...let us use them...When God has gifted and graced you to do something give yourself to it and let the rest go.