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Should Babies Be Tweaked?

I read  that the first designer baby clinic has opened in Los Angeles....Called "cosmetic medicine," parents can choose their pre-born baby's eye color, hair color, complexion and sex.  DNA research has helped to reduce the likelihood of children being born with genetic defects.....A "designer baby" will cost around $18,000...The  LOS Angeles fertility clinic is offering to design a baby to the parents' exact requirements.

I feel it's wrong!! It's playing God....Babies should be natural, not tweaked to our own preference  like some object.... I’m sorry, but I am disappointed that this idea is gaining acceptance in some communities….It seems to me that what  doctors  are trying to do is play God.....We should not be able to pick the sex of our baby or the characteristics we want them to have!I believe that’s God’s job.... It always has been and it always should be....I believe science has gone too far this time.... I’m not one of those radical Christi…