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Dr. Dee Dee Is Giving Away 1500 Gifts To The First 1500 People In Attendance For Her Birthday Bash!

According to  Dr. Dee Dee Freeman Facebook page, she is turning 50 on Father's Day and they about to turn it up and party like it's 1999 all over again.   Get ready for the party of Half-A-Century and we are going to celebrate all her years of life. Dr. Dee Dee is giving away 1500 gifts to the first 1500 people in attendance. Facebook Page!

On another wonderful note, congratulation are in order for both Dr Dee Dee and her beautiful daughter Brelynd, both ladies graduated college last weekend. What a beautiful inspiration!

According to her Bio, Brelyn Freeman is the youngest daughter of Drs. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman. An example both spiritually and naturally, Brelyn has exemplified wisdom and a commitment to serving God that surpasses her age. Because of her passion and stand for Christ, as well as her willingness to honor her parents, Brelyn is living the good life. Ministering the Word of God with simplicity and power, she strives to continue to live a life that others can…