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Dealing With Our Ishmael!

When God promises you something and it doesn't happen right away, it's easy to get impatient. And to make matters worse, theres usually somebody around who'll write the promise down, date it, and keep reminding you of it! When that happens, you start doubting God and wondering if He needs your help to make it happen.

After God promised Abraham that his descendants would be "as numerous as the stars" (Ge 22:17 NIV), things weren't happening fast enough. So Abraham grew impatient and took matters into his own hands by fathering Ishmael with his wife's maidservant Hagar. Then his troubles began in earnest!

When God did send the promise Isaac through Sarah, his wife both boys ended up living under the same roof. Right and wrong, wheat and tares growing up together. It's possible to be bless in one area of your life, while in another there's a growing problem that'll overwhelm you unless you handle it. Sarah caught Ishmael "mocking" …