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DeJuaii Pace Is An Example Of A True Struggling Christian!

Kudos to Dejuaii Pace for acknowledging and speaking about her struggle.....What does it mean to "struggle" with SIN  something? If you  been part of any Christian Church you  heard the phrase  to "struggle with sin"....A lot people use that  phrase lightly but in the case of DeJuaii Pace  it's an appropriate phrase to be used...We all know the word "struggle" means to "fight against"  it means to "strive, put forth effort in order to not give in".....I applauded her for being  45 years old and have never given into her struggle...That's a testimony in itself....Many believers when they say that they are "struggling" with sin they mean that they are committing sin(s) even while trying not to.
A true Christian is someone who struggles against sin and then gains the victory through Christ who gives  strength.....All Christians struggle with sin but we get the victory through faith....The "struggle" of…