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How's Your Walk?

We all have met them before. You’ve met them also. These are the people whose walk with God is always "Wonderful,BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVORED." I once work with this sista who would always answer the question of how you doing with those three words and sometimes she would use MARVELOUS. For, me when I here those phases all the time I wonder am I on track. First off I am not knocking those replies. After all, these are often very fitting answers to the question, "How are you doing?" They may very well fit the day. But ALL the time?(come on ) I don’t think so. At least that is not my experience in walking with Jesus. Some days are wonderful. Others maybe painful, hard, and difficult. I have some days when I seem to say all the wrong things to the people I love most. I have some days when my thoughts seem silly, trivial, or just downright sinful. I have some days when most, if not all, of my attempts seem to result in dead ends. At the end of the day, it al…