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Stop Stealing Content Off My Blog And Lying About It!

This post is to the folks (you know who you are) who love to come to my blog and take my content  in the name of Christ and , then turn around and use it as if it were their own idea, and don't give
me credit for the content they stole.  "THAT'S WRONG"!!! My blog deserves a link back.  If you have been trying to blog for a while like I have, chances are you are some what familiar with folks who steal blog content.  Content takers are  folks that steal and take your content from your blog for their own blogs without giving you credit. Some content takers  will just copy the content off of your blog and  act like it's theirs. I'm finding out most content takers are using  automated software that takes the content from your RSS feed and posts your content to their site like it is a new post. I'm just saying that's a doggone shame to claim to be a Christians and stealing blog content at the same time.! Give credit (updated link)were credit is due. Stop s…