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I Offer Christ To You!

I didn't grow up on gimmicky church attendance programs...The only gimmick we had was canvassing the neighborhood on Sat. morning looking for people who did not belong to a church... I am having a very hard time accepting what the church is doing in these last hours....Now the church is offering things to folks to get them to come to church.... I realize Jesus fed the 5000 and some focused on the loaves and fishes (John 6:26), but it wasn't His motive to entice them.
Anyhow, you've probably heard of this story of the pastor who's paying folks to come to church.
I believe that incentives creates a problem that lead folks to start thinking, "What's in it for me?"
So my question is what are the limits? Should the church use incentive programs to get folks to invite others to come to church? Do your church use incentive to get folks to come to church? If so how is it working? What do you think?