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What's A Church?

People who enjoy getting tattoos, piercings and/or body modifications have created their own organization and call it a church. Is that what it is?
A young woman  have been suspended twice from a North Carolina high school for wearing a nose stud, which is against school policy....she claims it is her first amendment right to practice her religion, which is through the Church of Body Modification (COBM).

These folks feel that they can gain spirituality by getting tattoos, piercings and body modifications....Body piercing is considered a sign of faith, a tool used by church members to access a higher level of spirituality. They believe it is an easy way to strengthen the connection between body, mind and soul. The church's website declares a faith in the alteration of the body as "one of the safest and most responsible to stay spiritually healthy and whole." Their practices include the tongue-splitting, ear lobe or the skin stretches, implanst sub-cutaneous scars and m…