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I Miss Christmas!

Alright I give up. Christmas is no longer a religious holiday at all. This does not have anything to do with whether you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. This is about what happened to the joy of the day. Everything is now about what you got or did not get. If kids don't get Ipods, cell phones, laptops and expensive game consoles, they aren't having a good Christmas. Whatever happened to fruit and nuts, and a bike or something, why have we become so extravagant. I am serious. Why have we forsaken the birth of Christ, the most un-selfish of all icons and turned the day of his "alleged" birth into the most selfish of all days. Oh yes we are selfish at Christmas, we buy presents because people buy us presents. Let somebody cross you and not buy you a present. They got hell to pay. Will somebody please explain why its a sad Christmas if we don't get presents yet have the love of another on any day? Some one help me understand I don't get it.