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Is Every Movie With A Bible In It A Faith-Film?

After watching the movie trailer and reading some of the reviews about the movie "The Book Of Eli"...I am wondering if any one would consider using this movie as a study guide for a small study group in your church?The movie, have a "R" rating for graphic violence and coarse language...But it has been pointed out that no words of profanity come from Washington's mouth. "He is clearly set apart as a holy character on a godly mission."Denzel Washington, who's a church-going son of a preacher in his own life according to an interview in Christianity Today, plays Eli who roams the wasted landscape, using "rote splatter-violence," to protect Earth's last copy of the Bible...Faith is everywhere in "The Book of Eli", which opens Friday and is being marketed with "B-ELI-EVE" and "D-ELI-VER US" billboards.... In the movie, Washington plays a mysterious machete-wielding traveler named Eli, directed by God to …