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WOW! Christian School Allegedly Telling Lesbian Couple To Divorce Or Their Son Will Be Expelled.

Divorce or we’ll expel your son. This is the ultimatum one religious school gave a married lesbian couple from South Africa last month. The couple, Kally and Samantha Mabe, 26 and 27 respectively, enrolled their son, now 5, at the Secunda Highveld Christian School  in Mpumalanga in eastern South Africa, north of KwaZulu-Natal.

They say they wanted their son to attend the school because such schools are “supposed to teach love, acceptance and forgiveness.” Based on how it presents itself, Secunda Highveld would certainly appear to think of itself as a Christian school. Article Here!

Here is my thought and thing about this…. And people who come by this blog on a regular know how I am 100% in support of equal rights for 'EVERYONE.'  But,  this is a 'PRIVATE SCHOOL' which means people are paying hard earned money for their kids to attend.  Therefore, I believe  the school has the right to pick and chose who can and cannot be  allowed there.  If it was me, I would pull my …