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Jesus Take The Wheel: One Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Dollars A Person For A Church Fundraising Dinner!

According to The Gospel Herald  limbless Nick Vujicic has canceled an appearance at a fundraising event for a Hong Kong church building expansion project......after local Christians alerted him of the exorbitant costs associated with the “evangelistic and fundraising dinner” that violated the church’s doctrine of grace.

 Vujicic (pronounced Voy-a-chich), an Australian evangelist and motivational speaker, was invited by Taipo Baptist Church as a speaker for their fundraising dinner. This is part of efforts to raise USD$38 million (HKD $300 million) by next year for an expansion that would accommodate 1,500 people. The prices of the dinner are categorized for three different levels: USD$1,280 (HKD$10,000) each person for the most privileged "Grace" class, followed by “Joy” class, which costs USD$1,920 (HKD $15,000) per table, and “Peace” class, which costs USD $1,280 (HKD$10,000) per table. Source Here!