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Question Of The Day: Why Do Many Christians Who Join Fraternities or Sororities When Ask Why, Cannot Give A Biblical Sound Answer For Why They Joined?

I found the two cute pics in my Face book timeline this morning and thought them to be cute. I also found the below questions while doing a quick Google search for Christians, Sororities and Fraternities:
"Are sororities, fraternities and secret societies outside of God's will for Christians? How might belonging to a fraternal organization impact the life of a Christian? Should Christians take the oath of fraternal organizations?" I found some very interesting info to say the least. But what really floored me in my search was when I stumble upon this particular  website that had been developed exclusive to help Christians denounce the  Greek Organizations altogether by coming out from among them as scripture instructs.

 I know this is one of those hot button issues that affect Christians now and into the future to come. And it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Some say,when Christians are asked why they join these organization they cannot give a sound answe…