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Christian Comedy.

Have you heard of the Ha-Ha-Hallelujah Comedy Movement? All across the country, Christian comedy clubs are popping up with a audience of mainstream believers. They have started holding Christian comedy nights in real comedy clubs. Some of these clubs call themselves the house of the Lord in which they take up a love offering. This supposed to be some form of evangelism but the people that come out for Christian comedy night are born-again. I don't get it! How can you mix comedy with someone salvation? What do you laugh at? "Johnny don't have fire insurance we know were he is going'. I don't find it funny when some one is loss and don't know Jesus. The line between a Christian and the world is becoming to thin this should not be. When the world can no longer see the church it's time to widen that line. We are to come out of the world. Ricky Smileyis the first Christian comedian that I have heard. I have nothing personal against any one but …