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Fantasia At The Top Of Both Worlds.

Personally I'm appalled that any church would allow Fantasia to perform in their building. I hope they didn't charge a fee to get in. Yes I said perform! First off I don't have any thing against Fanny. I understand that she is a performer and that what she do. But there is a conflict of interests here. Appearance is every thing. You can't be at the top of both worlds. Our young Christians need to be taught in the things of God. Samuel was taught by the man of God about the things of God. When they are doing questionable things we need to say something about it. I no some of you'll will say that I am being judgmental and that's alright. The church should not be used for performances. The church is a place of worship. I hope I am not the only one who see this as a conflict between the church and the world. Her performance( there's that word again) most likely featured all of the bouncing, sensual, hip grinding, etc. you wou…