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Cheating In The Next Room Making Plans To Meet Soon.

A dating service is targeting its advertising at married people — encouraging them to commit adultery. The television commercials are from the Ashley Madison Agency. According to Bill Johnson of the American Decency Association, the commercials are “basically giving married people a place to find attachment with others who are available — whether married or unmarried." More....

I wonder what would happen if some one marriage was broken up by this service could they sue them as part of the divorce? I smell a class action law suit here and how about alienation of affection charge. I don't think a moral arguments will work. What do you think? Any way some months ago the hubby and I was out to dinner and we overheard some ladies talking about when cheating is acceptable in a relationship. Yes they were talking that loud.

They were saying that they loved their man/husband had no plans to leave , but if certain factors are present in their sex life, then they would HAV…