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Is Jesus A Prerequisite For Going To Heaven?

What is Christianity without the fear of hell and reward of heaven? What is Christianity without Christ? If belief in Jesus is not a prerequisite for going to heaven, then doesn't the notion of 'not believing' begin to rot away other conceptions; of heaven, of God, of good and evil? While the gospel of inclusion is good for certain groups of people and some of other faiths.

To me it's a slippery slope, which I believe to be a bad thing. The fact that Pearson's watering down the gospel and positing something that fails to be Christian or religious is dangerous. Anyway many may find his message inspiring. He's the first Christian minister in modern times to turn Christianity on its head..he unknowingly makes Christianity nearly obsolete.

I was listening to the latest This American Life, podcast which is about Pearson. Now what I find strange is the mention of T.D. Jakes. Who's one of Carlton Pearson's proteges. Jake criticized Carlton…