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Experts Answer The Age Old Question: Why Are Preachers Sleeping Around With The Members In Their Church?!??!?

If your spouse has ever cheated on you, one of the first questions you want answered is " WHY"? Cheating folks  give all kinda of reasons for having affairs. And while none of the reasons that are given are acceptable, you still want to know why. You know the answer won't ease your pain but you hope their answers will help you to make sense of the situation. So, why do Christian-men cheat? Further, why do Christian-women cheat? Why is the Christians so quick to fall into adultery? In today's world, we here way to many stories about the cheating low down dirty pastors I have always wonder why and how preachers/pastors ever get to this point and place, of no return. I read this interesting post the other day discussing the reason most pastors might cheat. So the experts have answer the age old question!