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Will The Recent Arrest Of Prophetess Juanita Bynum Destroy Her Ministry and Brand?

I love the fact that there's  a whole lot of saints praying and standing in the gap right now for Prophetess Juanita Bynum. I've always been one of her biggest supporters and fans.  I have been reading a lot of comments from supports and followers of Prophetess Bynum asking  the  question, will her recent arrest destroy her reputation and ministry?  For some reason or another this particular question has caused me to raise my eyebrows in an "AWE" of confusion.

 Just how in the world can the cuffing and arrest of the woman of God, for failing to pay a debt  destroy her reputation and ministry, but her admitting to other things like sleeping with women didn't even cause a ripple among the people of God.  Heck, if that particular news didn't destroy her ministry how in the heavens can her being  arrested for failing to pay a debt destroy her ministry and brand? I don't understand kingdom folks some time.

I remember the mind blowing interview (for me ) she ga…