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Bob Johnson Sit Down.

Bob Johnson needs to stay out of this and let Obama and his team decided who their running mate will be on his own. It’s not fair for outside forces to try and influence what Obama is going to do, especially from people who where not very supportive of his campaign from jump street. As we all know, Bob Johnson is not respected in the Black community. His creation of BET and many of the negative portrayals of Black women on TV make his association an uneasy one for any campaign. He already hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign with his remakers about Obama which he later had to apologise for. Now he’s try to ride other to get Obama to do what he wants to do.

In a memo sent out yesterday Bob Johnson founder of BET cable network is trying to force Obama hand. His memo to House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn requesting that he encourage the Congressional Black Caucus to urge Obama to select senator Clinton as his Vice Presidential running mate.