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“Is Dressing Up For Church A Distraction?"

Black women dressed up is not a distraction for me....I grew up in this culture and is  aware that Sundays and funerals are mostly the only time you're see southern black women dressed  like this....historically, African-Americans have dressed their best on Sundays for many generation....this tradition has a deep and rich history that dates back to slavery when African-Americans could only dress up on Sundays.

The congregations of most black southern churches still dress up today....i see women dressed up often at Bistro's a local restaurant  here in Jacksonville Fl, after church....the ladies wear nice dresses with matching hats and shoes....the men are in suits.....this always brings a smile to my face.... it reminds me of my childhood attending church...Do you dress up for church? Are black women in the South the only one who dress like this for church and funerals?