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Million Dollar Question:Why Do So Many Black Women Select Abortion Over Life?

Abortion is a very touchy subject these days, and talking about it can result in a lot of hurt feeling. My position on abortion is very clear , I wouldn't have chosen an abortion for myself.....So, in my right to  select, pickout,decide,determine, make up one's mind to choose I would not deny another women the right to do what's best for her.

I think the number of abortions among black women are way too high and I would argue that many of these abortions have little to do with the color of the baby and more to do with the mother’s choice not to give birth to her child.

 I wholeheartedly believe that the  high abortion rates among black women have more to do with unprotected sex than anything else. One of my closest friends informed  me the other day that her daughter have decided to abort a baby simply because she don't want to have another baby.