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Bring The Music Gift Back To The Church.

Black churches throughout the country are finding it harder to find skilled musicians to lead music – an integral part of the worship experience.
The main competition churches are up against is the mainstream music industry. I find this to be true, in my area. My brother-in - law was pastoring a church for a couple of years and that was his problem finding a good worship leader.

"The big money is in producing. The big money is in rap They're looking at rappers with the million-dollar houses with gold ceilings, and why do they want to work in a church and make $30,000?
And while skilled musicians may be turning to the multi-billion dollar lifestyle of rap and hip hop, the mainstream industry is also taking many gospel singers out of the church. Do you find this to be true?

Gospel music is coming to the mainstream. Singers are coming out of the church and introducing the gospel style to a mainstream audience.
Still, others have chosen to take rap to the pulpit with such groups as De…