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Black In America!

The documentary Black In America in which I watched both nights and would rate it a C- and here's why. I don't for one minute think the story of the Black experience in America can be made without discussing the generational effects of slavery, Jim Crow, and White privilege. The loss of culture, loss of language, inability to claim your name much less your own land, the separation of families, being prohibited to marry, rape, the emasculation of Black men, and the multitude of atrocities that could comprise a set of encyclopedias bring reason and links to the present day. White privilege cannot be denied its culpability. I understand what White people have to say about this topic. It implies one’s success was not solely due hard work and tenacity. That something as simple as lack of melanin helped in one’s accretion of achievements can damage the ego, but it is a truth that must be spoken. The problems of today are not manufactured by rap music, biological iniquiti…