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The Hat Show & The Black Church.

My grand mother and mother absolutely loved hats. This holiday season I am remember them in a special way. I am thinking about the many hats they would wear to church on Sunday morning. With it been Christmas I know that they would had been wearing some kind of red hat. My Granny would tilt hers' to the side a little bit. My MOM would pull hers' kinder low to the eye she looked fierce.

Growing up Baptist and a bit Judgmental I used to to think that my granny and mom outfits were just a bit flashy until I was exposed to the Church of God in Christ and realized those women took flashy to a whole nutha level. I almost stoped, when at a COGIC funeral, a sister came in wearing a Black sequined big brim hat cocked to the side.You know they even have a hat show in Memphis each November (disguised as Convocation). I used to shake my head at some of the outfits I would see on their way to Sunday service, but then I had to ask myself, "Where the hades else are they gonna wear t…