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The People bishop, Bishop T.D. Jakes Gives His Reasons Why Pastors Are Committing Suicide!??!?!

According to internet rumors the people bishop, Bishop T.D. Jakes has given three main reasons pastors are committing suicide:

1). Pastors are far too overworked.
2). Pastors are underpaid.
3). Pastors are discouraged by the reactions of some of their congregation when something goes wrong.The pastor must perform many duties, according to Jakes who is a pastor of over 30,000 members. Then Jakes cites examples of the many things a pastor must do.

In my opinion I think many of today's pastors are taught to run "THEIR MINISTRY" like a corporation including goal setting, marketing, public relations and then measure their success with the worlds yard stick. In my opinion much of this is about living a worldly life.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Says Bishop TD Jake's Helped Hide Deion Sanders’ Money for Prenup Plus Introduced Him to New Girlfriend, Tracey Edmond!?!?

Say it isn't so Bishop Jakes! Internet rumors and allegation are flying concerning my beloved Bishop T.D. Jake's. As if Deion Sanders divorce couldn’t get any messier; the church folk is now involved. Source Here!