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Bishop Carlton Pearson "Expanded Consciousness" Is Becoming A Big Hit Among The "NONES."

Live Video Stream recording with Carlton Pearson – "Streaming Consciousness" is the new gig by the formal pentecostal pastor. Bishop Carlton Pearson means business with the take- no- prisoners attitude and approach on his Face bookpage.

  I've read some of the comments on the formal bishop Face book page, like the one posted below.   Therefore I'm not at all surprise that his new gig is a big hit with plenty of folks who has walked away from organized religion for whatever reason:
"Who is to say exactly what correctness is? Everybody thinks they're correct, Jews, Christians, Muslims and you. Many heard the trumpet and bowed down to worship Jesus, something he never taught, wanted, or expected. He said follow, not worship him or any book written about him. I think all institutional religions tend to promote something other than personal spiritual development and insist people walk, work and worship doctrines, dogmas and certain ritualistic disciplines more t…