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Bill O' Reilly's Obsession With Ms. Obama.

Why do Bill O'Reilly have such an obsession with Michelle Obama? ABW (angry black woman). I was flipping the channels the other day and heard Bill O talking about Michelle being angry. Iam thinking to my self, how did he come by that idea. I don't think Michelle has every given Bill an interview so, how did he arrive at this ABW? Is because she's a woman who's educated, successful and opinionated? Is it because she's not a Bitch, Whore are Jump Off? Is it because she didn't buy into that fooliness about no good black men left? Is it because Michelle refuse to be seen as an objects of some hateful white dude desire? Bill, Is it because she refuses to allow you and Fox News to tell her who she is? Is it because Michelle Obama is her own woman and, guess what Bill O'Reilly ain't a darn thing you can do about it.