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The Mind Has To Be Guarded Against Satan.

I have talk with people who don't understand that Satan have only one way of attack and that is through the mind of man. You can't act without first having a thought.
We have to learn how to apply Bible knowledge to our lives, if we want to win the battles of life. God instructs us on how to control our thought life by utilizing His Word. (Ephesians 6:10-17). We must recognize that we are in warfare everyday, and that the battlefield is our minds. The whole armor of God has been provided to help us guard against the enemy of our mind--Satan.By now you heard about Kerby Revelus of Milton, Mass who brutally killed his own sisters even going as far to decapitate his 5-year-old sister in front of police. Police had no choice but to put him down. Some of his relatives say that he was depressed because he had been in prison and couldn’t find a job. Not unlike Lovelle Mixon whoshot and killed four Oakland police officers. Like that’s an excuse. Doesthis look like the MySpac…